5/11/15 Inspiring Contemporary Artists

This week’s inspiration came from Robert Rauschenberg and Eva Hesse.

I am a huge fan of using unusual objects to create art and to challenge what has been done before. To me, the best art pushes the limits of what is considered “conventional” and helps redefine what “art” is in itself. The artwork of these two artists are great examples of this.

Robert Rauschenberg (American): Known for his combine painting from the 1950s. Combines are a hybrid between painting and sculpture. Some of his best known pieces include Rebus (1955), Canyon (1959) [Illustrated] and Monogram (1959) [Illustrated].

Canyon (1959)Monogram (1955-1959)

Eva Hesse (German): Known for her sculptures. She used materials such as latex, fiberglass and plastics. Hesse was a big influencer associated with the Post-Minimal Art movement in the 1960s. Some of her best known pieces include Ringaround Arosie (1965) and Repetition Nineteen III (1968) [Ilustrated].

Right After (1969)Repetition 19, III (1968)

Metronomic Irregularity  (1966)Vertiginous Detour (1966)


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